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Choose Aggcon Contracting Ltd. for Septic System Installation in Woodstock

When you are building a new office or home, one of the most important rooms to get right is the bathroom. We may not consider it an important room, but bathrooms get used every day for many purposes. Aggcon Contracting Ltd. has licensed septic system installers on staff who perform septic system installation in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. With our services your new home or building will have a professionally installed and properly working septic system.

We offer many waste management services
to our residential, industrial and commercial clients so that you don’t have to
worry about plumbing issues down the road. Our waste management services include:

  • Water and sewage services
  • Septic tank installation and pumping
  • Pipe flushing
  • Sewer camera

Septic System Services

We offer septic system installation, but we can also pump your septic tank. Pumping the septic tank cleans out solids that pass through the system that can’t break down. These solids settle on the bottom of the tank and must be pumped out regularly to maintain proper functioning of your septic system. If they are not pumped out they can build up and cause problems that require costly repairs.

Choosing how often to pump your septic tank depends on how large the tank is and the number of people using it. No matter the size, we recommend pumping every 3 to 5 years to make sure you avoid any big septic tank mishaps.

If you want a septic system that is installed and pumped properly, you need a team of skilled and professional general contractors working on your next construction site. Contact Aggcon Contracting to get the service you deserve. Call us at 506-328-6409 for our waste management services.

Portable Toilet Rentals for Construction Sites

We also offer portable toilet rentals for construction sites. Our rentals are affordable and will allow your construction team to have easy access to restrooms on-site. For all of your waste management needs, trust Aggcon Contracting Ltd. for fast, efficient, and helpful service.

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